Recording Artist Advocate: Makin' it Easy...

An artist told me his website wasn’t making him any money. He was trying to sell his CD’s from his online store.  He started getting e-mails from fans saying they couldn’t navigate the store at all. He finally found a third party vendor that made buying his music easy. He pays a small percentage but now he makes money from his website.

That’s not even counting his iTunes and other online music retailer income.

You have to make it easy for people to give you money.

You may give up a small percentage, but less of something is better than all of nothing.

Hire a cutie to work your merch table and you’ll definitely make more. It may mean a small percentage, but in the end you’ll make more.

In this business you have a lot of people with their hand in your pocket. Be careful about that, but be willing to pay a fair cut if it makes you more money.  

In the end you’re making it easier for your fans and for yourself.