Recording Artist Advocate: More money than you need...

You likely know down to the dollar how much it takes for you to get by.

That’s good when you think about how many paying gigs you need to get by each week or month.

What if you doubled your per-gig pay? What would you do?

Some people would work half as much. They will never be very successful.

Some people would just spend the extra money. They won’t be successful either.

If you really can get by on what you’re making and you are able to double your income, save that money. You will need it. Things always happen. You will need it to get through those dry spells.  You will eventually get to where you can spend more, but be patient.

This is how you have a long-term career:  

Get great at your craft.

Attract an audience.

Get paid what your worth.  

Don’t blow it all.

That’s it.

You will see other, less disciplined artist come and go. Just keep at it. The music business can be a “last man standing” proposition.

When you do spend money, invest in things that make you more money. Like studio time at Rough Wood Recording Studio.