Recording Artist Advocate: Go along with what people already believe... and still change the world.

You can’t change someone’s mind if they aren’t listening to you. But if you get them really listening, you can even get them to accept a new idea at odds with their beliefs.

Here is how it went in one study: people were asked to read news stories that went against their beliefs. Immediately after they were asked about the stories and sure enough they rejected them. But, weeks later they were reporting back the content as fact. So, getting in someone’s memory is the important part.

No researcher is making someone listen to your music, so that part is up to you. Tell a story that your listener wants to hear. Use the themes they expect and then turn the tables on em’.

Plus, your brain likes to be surprised. “I see dead people” meant so much more when you realized, along with the main character, that he was a dead people too.

Now you know what to do. Go and change the world… but use your new power for good, please.