Recording Artist Advocate: Opportunities are all around you.

As a musician or a singer/songwriter, you have opportunities to play and make money. What are some that come to mind? Live music venues like bars and coffee houses? Can you think of anymore?

Anyone?  (Echoes)


Yea, me too.

I want the artist I work with to make money and further their craft, and recording with me… but how can they make more money if they don’t get out and preform?

Smart artist find places to play, and there are more places to play than you might think.

Here’s one:

A friend told me his band was asked to play at a school for anti-drug, or was it anti-bullying. Well, anyway, it turns out there is money set aside for different school programs to teach kids about things the administrators think are important. They have to check off the boxes and you might just be able to help them with a program. Or just to be a part of a show. Find where you can fit in, grow your audience, and get paid too.

You know how awful these programs can be from when you were in school, so make yours better. You probably already explore some of those same themes. Explain how your music fits in with their program.

You have had experiences you wish you could warn your younger self about. So tell those stories.

Now comes the most important part. Say these words exactly:

“What do you have budgeted for this?”

Don’t say anything else. Wait for the answer. You may be surprised.


Oh, yes. It was anti-drug. He told me he was pretty drunk when he showed up but got through the show without anyone realizing.