Recording Artist Advocate: Theatre geeks and musicians...

Theatre people write plays and singer songwriters write songs. But what do you call it when the musician writes a play? Usually that is the "concept album" or recording where the songs tell a bigger story. Tommy was the first concept album I was aware of. But a little searching and I found they have been around a long time. 

If you are ever experiencing writers block, you can try to tell a big story in several small parts. 

You could think of it as a bunch of snapshots poured out on a table. You pick one up and that is a song. Pick up another and there's another. Just like the stories tell the overarching story together, your individual songs tell a bigger story as well. 

Instead of getting blocked, just tell your story. Write a play and turn the acts into songs... or the chapters into songs. 

Whatever it takes to step back from the situation and get past your writers block... do it.

Here is one more way. Hope it works for you.