Recording Artist Advocate: Bad music by committee...

Last week I talked about how the great songs are written by one person. I realize there are song writing teams, and that's the way it's done now. But has anyone else noticed how bland so much music is?

I have to walk a fine line here. I say plant your flag. Do your thing. Find your audience. I stand by that, but I also say to know your audience. Sometimes you can reach more people smoothing off the rough edges. That may mean less profanity or just not being so obvious with your message. 

How many times did you hear a song later in life that you used to listen to when you were younger? Do you notice there was a lot more to it than what you originally thought.

That's a sign of a good song.

Write those songs. You can do it. Take advice, but in the end it's yours.  

Well, take the advice of the people who know what they are talking about.