Recording Artist Advocate: All those guitars are made to be ------ sold.

Go into a guitar store. Look at all the instruments. Some of the best guitars are being made today. You can get better guitars today for less money than you could in the good old days. 

Still, when I handle a great guitar from the 50's or 60's there is something there. (I don't know what it is, but it's undeniable.)

But that's not the point of this entry. I hate to say it, but most guitars will not be used to write the next great song. Most will end up in closets or hung up on the wall to collect dust. The next group will play covers, and the next will be used for very average music. 

But the 1 percent remaining? Thats where the "magic happens". Those belong to the few real artists who will touch your hearts and speak directly to you with their music. That is the music that rises to the top. That's the music that lasts. The music that defines a generation. 

It's not the guitar. They are just made to be sold. It's the creative spark in the mind of one person. 

You know when lightning strikes. When it happens to you grab your phone or anything that records and capture it immediately. Then come here to RoughWood Studio and make it into a record.