Recording Artist Advocate: Relationships are the most important thing...

I would say that no-one has you on speed dial, but I mean that just because your out there doing shows... don't expect your phone to ring. 

When we had the radio stations we would tell clients that every time you make an impression on a potential client it builds on the previous one. You have to be constantly telling your story to break through the noise. It's the same with music. People have so much music coming at them they can't listen to it all. They have to feel a connection.  

That usually doesn't happen on it's own. You will have to make it happen. 

That may be someone they respect saying you are the real deal. It may be the way you come across in an interview. It may be seeing you again live and getting the same great show.

It's going to mean stepping up and hitting all the marks... performance, recording, interviews, and working the march table. Hey, if it was easy everyone would do it.

What you will see is that while you keep doing things right, other artists will make mistakes or just quit trying altogether. I've seen it so many times; they just can't get out of their own way. A little success goes to their head and they won't do the work to go higher. In the meantime, you just need to keep stacking good on top of good. Eventually it pays off with more bookings, merch sales, and media coverage.  

Sometimes it just comes down to the last man standing. Keep making those connections, building those relationships, and building your career.