Recording Artist Advocate: The mental game of expectations

Somewhere in the past I have a really good post about spiraling up... as opposed to spiraling down. It comes from a commedian - slash - motivational speaker who realized he could go in front of an audience expecting a great show or a bad show... and he would usually get exactly what he expected. So he started going in expecting a great show. 

As I recall, he started even thinking about how he would be at ease and the audience would start to feed off him. No detail was too small or specific. He said it became like remembering backwards. He would look at a future event as if he was remembering the details. 

The take-away is that the better he expected the show to go, the better it went.

Now he also has to write good material and do his homework, and you do too. You can't neglect practice or writing and expect to just wing it with a good attitude... but some successfull people do that.

Set yourself apart by working harder than the rest AND expect the best.

You will find what you look for... what you expect.