Recording Artist Advocate: The power of being nice...

Google Andrew Scheps. Look for videos where he is just talking to someone.

You will get the impression he is a really nice guy. Genuine and articulate, but more than anything he is very competent and able to connect with people.

I don't know if he works at that or if it comes naturally. But I want to be like that.

As successfull as he is, I'll bet there are people who want to work with him just because he's so easy to be around. I know there are people I don't want to work with just because they arent. 

So, assess yourself. Are you easy to work with. You may need to ask someone else this.

If you are, that's good. It's basic to your success. If you arent; what can you do to get there? 

A small change in your attitude can come back to you in more ways than you expect. I'm not saying to be a pushover, but do what you can to be nice. Leave a good impression. Be active about it.

Think of the word : attractive.  We think it means "good looking"...  but a magnet is attractive.

When you are nice - easy to work with - you are like a magnet to other people.